2012 Scholarship Recipients

Arienne Krizenesky

Arienne is a graduate of Xavier High School. She plans to attend UW Oshkosh in the fall and use the scholarship money to help pay for her tuition. She plans to study nursing with the hopes of becoming a nurse at St. Elizabeth Hospital. 

Arienne has been volunteering for four years and will continue to volunteer during her college years, because of all the wonderful people she has had the opportunity to meet. 

Her time at the Oneida Walk Information Desk and on the Pediatrics floor has taught her a simple smile can make someone’s day a little bit brighter. She has recently been employed at the hospital and is looking forward to joining the working community, because her experience volunteering has been nothing buy rewarding.

Hannah Pitz

I am very honored to receive this scholarship for my volunteer hours. I have been volunteering four years for St. Elizabeth Hospital and have worked in many different locations including pharmacy, NICU, welcome center, and a nursing unit. I also spent a summer passing around newspapers and other amenities to patient rooms. My time volunteering during high school was both beneficial to me and a lot of fun.

Volunteering at the hospital brought me way more opportunities than I had ever thought possible. I met so many nice people that worked in the different departments, and I always looked forward to seeing them. I also was able to see the different aspects of how a hospital is run because I was able to experience many departments.

My volunteer experiences made me even more sure about my future career in health care because I saw firsthand how enjoyable it is to help others. I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a dream of being admitted into the nursing program. I hope one day to work in a hospital in the ER department. Every moment of my volunteer experience was well worth it, and I would suggest that anyone at any age volunteer at the hospital because of the joy it truly brought me. 

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