Health Insurance Marketplace

Ascension participates in the Health Insurance Marketplace government program to offer options for patients without employer-provided insurance.

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers numerous insurance choices for those who have not been able to get insurance through their work or buy it on their own. Tax credits are available for those who qualify.

Which Plans Include Ascension?

The following 2018 plans include Ascension hospitals and Ascension Medical Group clinicians in Northeast Wisconsin:

  • Network Health Prestige

Is the Health Insurance Marketplace for You?

  • Yes: If you’re uninsured or underinsured and do not qualify for governmental coverage through Medicare or Medicaid. 
  • Maybe: If your eligibility for Medicaid (BadgerCare Plus) has changed; If you’re currently insured but shopping to compare coverage and rates; If you’re a veteran. 
  • No: If you’re on Medicare or Medicaid or insured through your employer you do not need to do anything during ACA open enrollment.

How to Enroll 

  1. Create an account on
  2. Enter personal and financial information
  3. Select a plan and make a premium payment

If you have any questions or need help enrolling, the following resources are available: 

  • Ascension Certified Application Counselors: 1-855-642-9472
  • Health Insurance Marketplace website:
  • Health Insurance Marketplace 24/7 assistance hotline: 1-800-318-2596

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