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For Your Well Being Survivorship Program

Thanks to a collaborative partnership with Green Bay Oncology, both medical and radiation oncology services continue to be available to patients without leaving the Fox Cities and surrounding areas. A comprehensive care team -- including board certified medical and radiation oncologists, nurse practitioners, RNs, nurse navigators, genetic counselors, rehab therapists, social workers, dieticians, spiritual services, palliative care, home care, and hospice -- focus on care of the whole person, close to home.

This program will introduce patients to alternative therapies that will address the needs of the whole person as a compliment to more 'traditional' cancer care.Services such as massage therapy, nutritional support, healing touch, Reiki, essential oils, massage therapy, exercise, and meditation will be offered to cancer patients and their families. Evidence suggests that a 'whole person' model of care that focuses on the patient's mind, body and spirit may increase strength and energy, alleviate pain, and improve overall wellbeing. 

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Caring for the Whole Person Series:

Spiritual Health

Explore the role that spiritual health has throughout one’s cancer care.

Care for the Caregiver

Better understand the role of the caregiver and challenges they may be facing or adapting to during cancer care of a loved one.  

Conversations – How to have them

Strategies to incorporate in having important conversations related to cancer, treatment decisions and goals with those persons significant in one’s life. 

Attitudes About Cancer

Recognize changing feelings may be experienced throughout ones cancer care and explore new ways to cope in a positive manner.  

Physical Implications/Impact

Panel discussion with an interdisciplinary healthcare team to identify why physical changes happen during cancer care and how the physical changes impact one’s function and increase quality of life.  Explore ideas to resolve or improve these changes.


Gain a better understanding of changes and impact cancer diagnosis and care has to one’s sexuality.

Practical Implications

Explore and discuss practical implications of cancer care, such as; financial, advanced directives, workplace, transportation and resources available to address these areas.

Energy Therapies

Healing Touch
Experience an introduction to Healing Touch, an energy therapy in which certified practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Practice reiki, a beautiful healing art offering beneficial, calming, balancing and stress-reducing effects.


Massage therapy offers many benefits: increases circulation, reduces muscle tension, relieves pain symptoms, reduces stress from the mind and body, as well as increases awareness of the mind and body.

Learn the basics of Meditation. Research on meditation is proven to help reduce stress, improve quality of life, decrease fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Mindful meditation, which cultivates non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, is the type of meditation that has been most studied. 

Intro to Yoga
Learn the basics of Yoga. Experience yoga techniques at your individual pace.

Cancer survivors at any stage of your journey and their families are encouraged to attend this introductory session.  Some of the benefits of yoga for those affected by cancer include:

Detoxifies the Body
Builds Strength and Endurance
Increases Range of Motion & Flexibility
Keeps the Spine Strong
Strengthens the Immune System
Helps Manage Weight Gain
Aids in Pain Management
Helps Manage Fear & Anxiety
Enhances Body Image
Provides Empowerment & Well-Being

Nutritional Healing

Participants will learn how to choose and prepare foods that support optimal health and a healthy life style. Food groups that are more palatable during active cancer treatment will also be presented and demonstrated. 

Essential Oils

Includes introduction to the life enhancing benefits of therapeutic essentials oils and how essential oils can be used as a self- care alternative.

Cancer Rehab

Learn the benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment, what types of exercise can benefit you, and a demonstration of different types of exercise. The goal is to provide you with information about exercise to help you increase your strength, endurance, and overall health to improve your ability to participate in activities and tasks that are meaningful to you.

Make up and Skincare Tips 

Learn simple makeup tips to help you feel like your beautiful self during cancer treatments. Tips include descriptions and step-by-step instructions on brow and lash design, color correction, and additional skincare solutions.

These classes are made possible through a generous donation from the Mercy Health Foundation and the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation.


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