Lifestyle Counseling for Patients

Our counseling program assists individuals with complex lipid managment issues.


Lifestyle Counseling

A healthy lifestyle is critical to the prevention of heart disease and all vascular diseases. This includes eating a heart-healthy diet, being smoke-free and exercising regularly. 

Some people have a higher than expected risk for cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) diseases. A full risk assessment can help identify these high risk individuals and offer them an appropriate treatment plan. At the Lipids Resource Center, we identify conditions such as smoking, family history, increased waist circumference, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, previous cardiovascular disease, elevated cardiac risk scores and cholesterol (lipid) problems. Based on these risks, we can counsel you on your optimal cholesterol goals.

If you are interested in making changes, please contact your primary health care provider. They will help you to get started. If they feel that you could use more extensive risk assessment or help in managing your cholesterol, they can set up a visit with our Lipids Resource Center.

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