Ear, Nose and Throat

Ear, nose and throat problems can negatively impact your quality of life at any age. Ascension’s Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) department offers medical and surgical solutions for patients with head and neck conditions and injuries.

Areas of Care

Acension's board-certified otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors), nurses and other medical professionals care for patients of all ages with head and neck problems.


  • ear infections and injuries
  • hearing disorders
  • balance disorders
  • tinnitus
  • nerve disorders and pain


  • allergies
  • smell and taste problems
  • sinus disorders


  • voice disorders
  • swallowing problems
  • voice box (larynx) disorders
  • speech problems
  • upper digestive tract and esophagus disorders
  • tonsil and adenoid problems
  • salivary glad disorders

Ascensin ear, nose and throat specialists also treat other conditions related to the head and neck, including infectious diseases, nerve control, thyroid conditions, cancer, sleep apnea, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, trauma or deformities, bronchoesophagology and foreign object removal.


An allergy is the body’s attempt to defend itself against a normally harmless substance, such as dust or pollen. The body’s immune system mistakenly identifies these harmless substances as things that could hurt you, such as a virus or bacteria. To defend itself, the body launches an aggressive attack, triggering allergy symptoms. Affinity’s board-certified allergy specialists can help you fight back.


Hearing is one of our most important senses, because it helps us communicate with the world around us. Hearing problems and balance disorders can negatively impact your quality of life, but Affinity Health System audiologists want to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Speech Pathology

Ascension’s Speech Pathology program evaluates and treats people with hearing, speech, language, cognitive and swallowing disorders. We offer treatments and adaptations to improve a patient’s ability to communicate at any age.

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