Ear-Nose-Throat Robotic Surgery

Advanced precision for treating tumors and sleep apnea


Affinity Health System now offers transoral robotic surgery (TORS), an advanced procedure for treating tumors in the mouth, voice box, tonsils, and other parts of the throat. TORS is also an effective advanced treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

Using highly sophisticated, minimally invasive robotic surgery technology, the surgeon accesses the throat through a patient's mouth, without external incisions. This allows the surgeon to remove harmful or obstructive tissue while preserving speech and swallowing functions.

Compared to conventional throat surgery, robotic throat surgery patients recover faster and experience less pain and bleeding.

TORS is best suited to patients whose tumors are small, benign, or in the earliest stages of cancer, or for sleep apnea patients who do not benefit from non-surgical treatment.

For more information about robotic throat surgery at Affinity Health System, talk to your physician, and click on the image below to experience a 360° tour of our robotic surgery suite.



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