Cancer Genetic Counseling

Family history - another weapon against cancer


Some types of cancer can run in the family.  Genetic counseling can help you understand your cancer risk and make personal decisions on how to address this risk through screenings or other proactive options.

Services may include:

  • thorough evaluation of personal and family medical history
  • risk assessment for hereditary cancers
  • genetic testing, when appropriate.

Who is at risk for cancer?

Cancer can occur in anyone, at any age.  Some people may have a higher risk due to family history.  If your family has experienced any of the following, consider getting a cancer risk assessment with the Affinity Genetics Counseling program:

  • cancer diagnosis before age 50
  • more than one cancer in the same person
  • three or more blood relatives with the same type of cancer
  • male breast cancer or other rare type of cancer
  • colon and/or uterine cancer in close relatives
  • breast and/or ovarian cancer in close relatives
  • breast and/or ovarian cancer and Jewish ancestry

If you think genetic counseling is right for you, talk to your primary care doctor about a referral to the Affinity Genetic Counseling program.


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