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There is a Safe Place for Newborns

There is an escalating crisis in the United States.  Mothers are keeping their pregnancy a secret and discarding the child after birth.  Safe Place for Newborns is a solution for frightened women who, in a moment of desperation, may do something drastic.

You can confidentialy leave your unharmed baby, up to three days old, with any hospital employee, police or EMT in Wisconsin without prosecution. Your baby will be given any needed medical attention, then placed in foster care for adoption.

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The mission of the Safe Place for Newborns program is to save the lives of babies in danger of abandonment, and to help preserve a healthy future for their mothers.  Safe Place for Newborns provides an alternative to a mother who might otherwise abandon her baby.

According to Wisconsin’s “Safe Haven” law, a mother may leave her unharmed baby, up to three days old, with any hospital in Wisconsin – anonymously and without fear of prosecution. 

All Affinity Health System hospitals and clinics have a Safe Place for Newborns program in place to ensure safety for newborns and their mothers in the communities we serve. 

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For more information about Safe Place for Newborns programs, please call Affinity NurseDirect at 1-800-362-9900 or the SafePlace for Newborns Crisis Number at 1-877-440-2229


Will the mother (or the person acting on the mother’s behalf) be asked any questions? 

We will not ask the mother or other individual’s acting on her behalf for any identification.  We will however provide a packet of information to the mother that includes warning signs after delivery, helpful resources and information regarding the baby, and ask that she anonymously complete the questions and mail back that information in the envelope provided.

Will the authorities be contacted?  If a newborn is injured or harmed could a mother be turned away or face prosecution?

Authorities will not be contacted, and the mother’s identity will not be requested.  We will not turn away a newborn for any reason.  Mothers bringing injured or harmed newborns however can not be guaranteed freedom from prosecution or anonymity.

What happens to a child left with Safe Place?

Affinity will provide confidential, protective shelter, medical care and treatment in a hospital setting to babies up to 72 hours old who have been left in the custody of any Affinity Health System personnel by an individual who has expressed an intent not to return.

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