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You rely on your feet.  Whether you’re standing still or in motion, your feet are major players in the body’s ability to balance and move.  Bunions, sprains and other aches and injuries can cramp not just your feet but your lifestyle, too.  When you’re experiencing foot problems, Asceion’s Podiatry experts can help.

What is podiatry?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine dedicated to treating disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Podiatrists are physicians with specialized training in the medical and surgical management of foot and ankle conditions.

Your podiatry care team

Ascension podiatrists care for patients of all ages from throughout Northeast Wisconsin.  The Podiatry staff in Appleton and Oshkosh are highly trained and experienced in treating foot diseases, injuries and conditions.  They offer the latest advancements in foot care along with a personal approach to understanding each patient’s needs. 

Fast access

When you’re in pain, you want care fast.  Appointments are readily available for Podiatry patients with little to no waiting.  Talk with your primary care doctor about a referral to Ascension Podiatry today. 

Common foot problems

Ascension Podiatry cares for a variety of foot and ankle conditions and injuries, including:

  • heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
  • fungal nails 
  • ingrown nails
  • bunions               
  • hammer toes
  • diabetic foot complications (ulcers)
  • arthritis 
  • warts 
  • fractures 
  • sprains
  • achilles tendinitis
  • foot/ankle pain
  • flat feet (adult and pediatric)
  • reconstructive foot and ankle surgery

Keeping your feet healthy

Many foot problems can be prevented. Follow these tips to keeping your feet healthy and in motion.

  • Wash your feet.  Washing with soap and water helps reduce dirt and bacteria that can cause infections. Dry feet thoroughly to prevent the growth of moisture-loving fungus.  Change your socks daily.
  • Trim toenails straight across the nail, not at an angle.  This can prevent ingrown nails.
  • Prevent corns by regularly removing hardened skin or calluses with a pumice stone.   
  • Wear the right shoes for the occasion.  Avoid heels for long periods of walking or standing. Shoes worn for heavy work or exercise should provide adequate cushion and support.  Shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening when feet are swollen, to ensure you won’t buy a size too small. 
  • Avoid bare feet in public gym showers, swimming pools or hotel bathrooms.  Wear flip-flops to prevent contact with the germs that cause athlete’s foot and warts.
  • When you do experience a foot problem, see a doctor. Self-treatments are not as fast or effective as the solutions your doctor or podiatrist can prescribe. 

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