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Your health is multifaceted. Your care team should be, too. At Affinity Health System, we’re caring for you in a way that covers all aspects of your health and well-being. It’s called Affinity Medical Home.

A different kind of care

At Affinity Medical Home, your provider will partner with team members to help coordinate and deliver various aspects of your care, so your time with your medical provider is most effectively utilized.

Patients will have a clear understanding of their diagnosis and care plans by working in unison with members of their Affinity Medical Home team.

664-02129606b_72dpi.jpgAffinity Medical Home team

Every Medical Home team is developed to fit the unique needs of the community it serves. A Medical Home typically consists of:

  • One or more physicians, who partner with one or more advanced practice providers, such as nurse practitioners (NPs) or physician assistants (PAs).
  • A behavioral health professional, such as a social worker or counselor.
  • A registered nurse specialist, who collaborates with all providers on disease management, preventative care and wellness coaching.
  • A team of health care associates, who will ensure your time is being used efficiently and effectively.
  • Patient service representatives to help with scheduling and other visit needs.

The goal of your heath care team at Affinity Medical Home is to provide quality, personalized care that addresses and coordinates your needs.

Heath care when you need it

Affinity Medical Home provides patients with easy access to services and care. The Medical Home team establishes strict standards to ensure patients have clear and quick access to their care teams. Extra resources are available based on needs, which will help patients manage their health on a continuous and preventative basis.

The Medical Home Concept

Adopted in 2009 by Affinity Health System, a Medical Home is a health care practice that provides patients with a continuous personalized, comprehensive, coordinated care experience.

The concept of the Medical Home was introduced in 1967 by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a location where medical records are centralized. Its scope widened in 2002 to include accessible, continuous, family-centered, coordination compassion and culturally effective care.

Affinity Medical Home has created a personalized, innovative setting made up of teams of highly trained professionals to create holistic care for patients and their families.

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