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A new unique way for doctors from different specialties in different locations to collaborate together to treat a single disease.

Reflux is a disorder that affects many patients of all ages, shapes and sizes, and can present in many different forms, from heartburn to chest pain to difficulty swallowing to coughing. Patients seek out information from a variety of sources and doctors from different specialties to try to get answers about their condition and treatment options. Often this can be confusing given the spectrum of the disease and variable severity of symptoms. Some patients find themselves going from specialty to specialty at different locations to try to get answers.

We have brought together a group of board certified gastroenterologists with ENT (ears, nose throat) surgeons and general surgeons specializing in the treatment of reflux disease. By collaborating together, patients have the opportunity to have a single entity for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in a multispecialty setting. Since everyone is so unique, treatment plans can be customized to the individual across the different specialties to achieve the best possible outcomes.

By providing the latest technology and advancements in medicine, our board certified physicians can offer some of the most comprehensive tools for evaluation, as well as one of the largest experiences in the Midwest with minimally invasive treatment options and robotic surgical procedures.

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