Hand Rehabilitation

Restoring your hands to their favorite work


Affinity Rehabilitation experts evaluate and treat conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities.  We are here to provide continued and efficient care, often within days of injury or surgery. 

Problems we treat

We treat a variety of injuries and conditions, including:

  • hand and upper extremity fractures
  • tendon and nerve injuries
  • cumulative trauma disorders (such as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow)
  • soft tissue injuries (ligament and muscle injuries such as sprains and strains)
  • chronic problems such as inflammatory and degenerative arthritis.

Therapies we use

Our certified hand therapists use all the latest techniques and equipment available, including:

  • patient and family education
  • splinting
  • manual therapy
  • ergonomic modification
  • therapy for daily living skills
  • swelling reduction
  • desensitization following nerve injury or trauma
  • sensory re-education
  • scar management
  • electrical and thermal modalities
  • pain management

Our goal is to help you regain maximum function of your hands and arms so you can resume the activities you love.  


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