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Fitness for the Physically Challenged

This program is designed to help people with permanent physical disabilities improve their health, fitness and confidence. We understand the additional challenges a disability may bring to stay physically fit.  Our program is designed with safety, accessibility and an encouraging environment to keep participants motivated.  A fitness instructor assists each person in identifying achievable goals, designing a personal fitness strategy and learning how to use the equipment and services offered in the program.

Fitness for the Physically Challenged is a free program sponsored in part by Mercy Health Foundation.  The fitness facility and equipment is available at designated times in the Outpatient Rehabilitation department at Mercy Oakwood Medical Building in Oshkosh.  In addition, swimming is offered at a designated time at the Oshkosh YMCA on 20th Avenue in Oshkosh.  A medical form from the personal physician is required.

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For more information or to schedule services, please contact:
Mercy Oakwood Medical Building
2700 W. Ninth Ave.
Oshkosh, WI  54904
(920) 236-1850

Golf Your Personal Best

Golf Your Personal Best is a program designed to help you reach your personal best in golf swing performance.  This is a personalized program conducted by a physical therapist to help optimize performance, improve swing efficiency, reduce injury risk, reduce physical restrictions and/or decrease pain. 

The program offers computerized video swing analysis, musculoskeletal evaluation and rehabilitation and home exercise instruction. 

Access to the program does not require a physician order, but we may recommend a visit to your physician or one of our consulting sports medicine physicians if we identify any concerns that require medical attention.

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For more information or to schedule services, please contact:
St. Elizabeth Hospital
1506 S. Oneida St.
Appleton, WI   54915
(920) 738-2681

Pelvic Floor Health Clinic

If you are experiencing bladder and/or bowel incontinence or dysfunction, we offer treatments to help you regain control.  At our Pelvic Floor Health Clinic located at St. Elizabeth Hospital, our goal is to improve your quality of life by more effectively managing your incontinence.

Occupational therapists with specialized training in treating bladder and bowel control problems provide comprehensive evaluation of bladder and bowel incontinence and/or pelvic pain, and we develop a personalized treatment plan for your unique needs. 

Treatment may involve:

  • muscle control training
  • sensory awareness
  • nutrition changes
  • toileting changes.

All of these approaches aim to greatly reduce or eliminate bladder or bowel accidents, as well as decrease or eliminate the need for protective pad use.

The clinic staff works with physician specialists in internal medicine, urology, gynecology, neurology, physical medicine, gerontology, gastroenterology and pediatrics as needed.

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For more information or to schedule services, please contact:
St. Elizabeth Hospital
1506 S. Oneida St.
Appleton, WI   54915
(920) 738-2681

Affinity Sports Medicine & Wellness Center

Affinity Health System Rehabilitation Services has partnered with the Oshkosh YMCA to provide sports medicine and wellness resources at the 20th Avenue YMCA including:

  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Services
  • Athletic Training Services
  • Massage Therapy
  • Library Services

The center has a wealth of information, including books, pamphlets, audio and videotapes focused on wellness, injury prevention and general health.  A computer terminal provides Web access to the Mercy Medical Center Clark Family Health Science Library and health-related sites.

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For more information or to schedule services, please contact:
Mercy Medical Center Rehabilitation Services
At the Oshkosh YMCA
3303 W. 20th Ave.
Oshkosh, WI  54904
(920) 223-2479

Fall Prevention Program

This program is designed to help older adults prevent injuries from falls and live safely at home for as long as possible.  We assess a person’s risk for falling, as well as provide education and recommendations for modifying the household environment to reduce the potential for falls.

Rehabilitation Membership Program

Discharged rehabilitation patients who have met their rehabilitation goals may continue to use the rehabilitation facility and equipment on an independent basis.  Patients may establish a personalized program when being discharged from their care plan.  Participants pay a monthly fee; insurance companies are not billed for this program.  A physician referral is not required.

Safe Driver Program

The Affinity Safe Driver program, in partnership with Adaptive Experts, a national provider of driver rehabilitation, provides driver evaluation and training to seniors and individuals with all levels of physical or cognitive disability.  People are evaluated to determine if they can safely and competently drive a vehicle.  Because of the specific needs of these individuals, we provide both medical expertise as well as driver education.

An occupational therapist completes a clinical evaluation.  After consulting with the individual, the therapist will make a referral to the next step of the program, which may include a behind-the-wheel evaluation and/or behind-the-wheel training. 

For more information about the Affinity Safe Driver program, call St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton at (920) 738-2681.

Support Groups and Supportive Resources

Below is a listing of several area support groups.  For more information, call Affinity NurseDirect at 1-800-362-9900 or Information & Referral at (920) 954-7200.

  • Brain Injury and Family Survivor Group
  • Fox Valley Stroke Club
  • Oshkosh Stroke Club
  • Fox Valley Voice Club (Laryngectomy Support Group) 
  • Fox Valley Amputee Club
  • Fox Cities Multiple Sclerosis Support Group


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