My hand hurts. Could it be carpal tunnel syndrome?

It could be carpal tunnel or tendonitis. These are two common causes of hand pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome describes the narrowing of the small space located in the wrist that allows your medial nerve and the tendons that move your fingers to travel from your arm to your hand.

Some people inherit smaller carpal openings. Others may suffer carpal tunnel due to injury, repetitive movements that stress the hand, or illnesses such as hypothyroidism, arthritis and diabetes.

You may be suffering carpal tunnel syndrome if you have:

  • Hand weakness
  • Loss of movement
  • A weak grip
  • Pain in your wrist
  • A tingling, itching or burning sensation in your hands or fingers
  • Trouble sleeping because of hand pain
  • Numb and tingly hands that wake you up in the middle of the night

If you have tendonitis, which is also known as De Quervain tendinosis, you will also have pain and discomfort in your hands. However, the pain will be centralized around the thumb or relate to the movement of the thumb.

When you move your thumb, grasp things, or twist your wrist, you may feel pain radiating from your thumb to your wrist and forearm.

Tendinosis may cause your wrist to swell, or you may notice a cyst. You may also feel a “catching or hitching” sensation when you move your thumb.

If you have the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, you should seek the advice of an orthopedic clinician who specializes in hand and wrist treatments. Call (920) 996-3700 to stop hand pain.

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