Is your back pain related to your hip?

It could be. Consider Meg’s story.


Meg was called to a family member’s bedside in Kentucky. She drove for 11 hours, only stopping twice. She was able to sleep for three hours before being summoned to her loved one’s hospital room where she sat on an exam stool almost constantly for 24 hours until the emergency had passed.

She was able to go back to her room and rest for an entire night. The next day she was able to walk, bend and stretch normally.

A day later Meg was back in the car for another 11-hour drive home.

Two days later, Meg was unable to move without pain. Sharp stabbing pains assaulted her lower back. Getting in and out of her car was excruciating … so much so that she sought medical attention.

The diagnosis? Tight hip flexors from all that sitting.

Using a combination of physical manipulation, ultrasound therapy and exercise, a physical therapist was able to interrupt the pain cycle and start the rehabilitation and healing process.

If you have low-back pain that prevents you from moving normally, you should contact a rehabilitation or sports medicine specialist and ask about non-surgical treatment for your back pain. Call (920) 996-3700 to set up your appointment today.

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