What should I expect after joint replacement surgery?

During your surgical procedure and hospital stay, Affinity’s orthopaedic specialists will provide you with exceptional, personalized care so you quickly regain strength and movement.


After surgery, you will recover in a specialized environment tailored for people who have had joint replacement surgery. This area contains rooms designed specifically to meet the needs of joint replacement patients, including a group meeting room, a dining room and a rehabilitation services area.

If there were no complications during surgery, you will be up and moving within a few hours. Your rehabilitation program will be customized to meet your recovery needs.

You will begin your rehabilitation with easy exercises while you are in the hospital. Your support coach is encouraged to participate in all aspects of your inpatient rehabilitation so he or she can help you at home.

During the recovery and rehabilitation phase of the program, you will be able to attend educational sessions, eat and socialize with other people who have had joint replacement surgery.

Though your procedures may be different, you will be able to offer encouragement to each other as you recover together and start your rehabilitation programs.

Depending on the type of replacement surgery and your health status during recovery, you may be able to go home within a day or two after your surgery.

The staff at Affinity Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is dedicated to providing you with expert care from the beginning to the end of your joint replacement journey. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional orthopedic service and return you to a healthy and active life as soon as possible.

For more information about the Affinity Orthopedics Joint Camp or the joint recovery process, call (920) 996-3700.

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