What are the symptoms of runner’s knee?

Runner’s knee pain may be sharp and sudden or dull and achy.


Some people feel pain when they are running; others feel pain when they stop running.

You may feel it in one knee or both knees.

If you have runner’s knee, your knee pain may increase when you:

  • walk up or down a hill
  • walk up or down a flight of stairs
  • sit at a desk or in a car with your knees bent for a long time

Your pain may increase when you bend your knee. It may hurt to walk, kneel, run or squat.

Left untreated, runner’s knee can damage your cartilage and cause arthritis.

If you think you may have runner’s knee or if you have had knee pain for more than three days, make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

The orthopedic team at Affinity Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center has the expertise to diagnose both biomechanical and nerve-related runner’s knee pain.

At the Affinity Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center you will have access to orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists and pain management specialists who can get you back on your feet and back on track with your running program. Call (920) 996-3700 or request an appointment.

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