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Bill’s Story

A man sits at the back of a fishing boat surveying the water. His lure is set, and he has a feeling this next cast will bring in the big one. This man’s name is Bill, and he used to have chronic elbow pain.

Bill remembers having constant pain in his elbow with no way to relieve it. After consulting with his family doctor, he decided to try a cortisone shot. He says that initially the shot was a big help in relieving his pain, but after a few months, the pain came back.

Bill was then referred to Dr. Garcia at Affinity Medical Group who went over his symptoms and recommended the Tenex procedure. After some discussion and explanation, they agreed that it was the best option.

According to Bill, he was not only fully awake during the procedure, he was able to view everything on a TV screen as Dr. Garcia explained what he was doing. He says the procedure was only about 15 minutes in length and his recovery was very quick.

And now, as Bill sits in his boat, looking out over his favorite fishing spot, he no longer has to think about his elbow. They say that catching a Musky can take 10,000 casts, and thanks to Dr. Garcia, Bill can make every one of them without any pain.

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