Bending and Breaking

Dennis’ Story

A sledge hammer drops and the man holding it reaches up to wipe his brow. It’s been a long day breaking up concrete, and he feels good about the work he’s accomplished. This man’s name is Dennis, and for years he had pain in his elbow.

Dennis says that because of his work as a contractor, he would have to work through elbow pain quite often in the past. Sometimes a cortisone shot would offer temporary relief, but Dennis was looking for something with more lasting benefits.

That’s when Dr. Garcia at Affinity Medical Group told him about a revolutionary procedure called Tenex that may be able to help him. According to Dennis, Dr. Garcia explained the whole procedure, its benefits, and the recovery process. Dennis was sold.

He says the procedure was quick and relatively painless. After some local anesthetic, the whole process took less than 20 minutes. Dennis is happy with Dr. Garcia and even happier about the results.

And now, as he takes a well-deserved break after 8 hours breaking up concrete, Dennis is convinced more than ever that Dr. Garcia knows his business. And thanks to him, Dennis can get back to his.

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