Elbow Grease

Melissa’s Story

A floor shines brightly as a woman bends down to wipe it with one more pass. It’s the small details that make her cleaning work gratifying, and today she’s as proud as ever. This woman’s name is Melissa, and she suffered from elbow pain.

Melissa remembers the day her pain started after hitting her elbow on a brick while playing with her grandson. She says the progression went from pain at night, to progressively worse throughout the day, until it was nearly unbearable to work.

She recalls trying cortisone shots, physical therapy, and various in-home exercises, with no success. Then Dr. Garcia at Affinity Medical Group told her about the Tenex procedure and said she might be a good candidate. She says it seemed appealing because of the high success rate and the healing time; so she agreed to have it done.

Going into the procedure she admits that she was a little nervous, but that she trusted Dr. Garcia completely. For her, the procedure took less than an hour and was completely painless. Best of all, she didn’t experience much pain during recovery, only taking it easy based on Dr. Garcia’s recommendation.

Now, as Melissa bends down to finish another job, she can admire the work she’s done. For her there is something very enjoyable about seeing a sparkling clean house at the end of a day. But nothing is more enjoyable than being able to accomplish it without any pain.

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