Dog Days Renewed

Stacy’s Story

A dog pants lightly, happy to be out with its owner enjoying the sunshine. As the woman looks down, she knows exactly how her little friend feels. Today is a good day. This woman’s name is Stacy, and she suffered from knee pain.

Stacy says her knee had troubled her for years, and despite only being 44 years old, was contemplating knee replacement surgery. For about 3 years she tried cortisone injections to relieve the pain, but with little success.

When Dr. Garcia at Affinity Medical Group told her about the radiofrequency ablation procedure, she says she was willing to try just about anything. He explained the benefits and how the procedure would work, and Stacy agreed without hesitation.

The ablation procedure only required local anesthetic. Although Stacy’s pain isn’t fully gone, she says the difference is pretty dramatic. What she described as a “10+” on the pain scale is now a “2” or “3.”

Today, Stacy feels rejuvenated by the work Dr. Garcia has done, and she is thankful for his expertise. It’s been a long time since she was able to enjoy a walk around the block, and if a cheerful bark is any indication, her dog feels the same way.

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