What is Tenex®?

The Tenex® procedure is an innovative treatment for damaged tendons.


The pain management specialist at Affinity Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has brought this treatment to the Fox Valley to treat, and in most instances eliminate, chronic pain caused by tendonitis.

Tenex technology is on target.

The pain management clinician uses ultrasound-guided imaging to identify and locate the damaged area of the tendon. After administering a local anesthetic to the area, the clinician makes a micro-incision and guides the Tenex TX MicroTip to the affected area. The clinician applies ultrasonic energy to break down and remove the damaged tissue. The Tenex® procedure is so precise that only damaged tissue is removed; the healthy tissue remains intact and unharmed.

When the procedure is complete, the pain management clinician applies a small adhesive bandage similar to those purchased in department stores.

The Tenex procedure is an excellent option for people who suffer from tendon pain. The minimally invasive procedure:

  • does not require general anesthesia
  • precisely targets and removes damaged tissue
  • does not require stitches
  • only takes 20 minutes

The procedure provides relief for many types of tendonitis issues.

Healing still takes time.

Even though the Tenex procedure is minimally invasive and can be completed in a short amount of time, it may take six to eight weeks for your tendon to heal properly. Following your clinician’s instructions during recovery will yield the best results.

For more information about the Tenex® procedure, call (920) 996-3700 or request an appointment online.

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