Walking Sticks to Running Shoes

Janice’s Story

A woman is amazed to hear cheering and clapping from people she’s never met. Raindrops are dripping from her event bib but nothing can dampen her spirit as she’s about to cross the finish line of her first marathon; a 26.2 mile feat she never imagined was possible before undergoing kneecap replacement surgery five years ago.

Janice Feltz suffered a knee injury while falling on the corner of a cement step and the pain was unbearable for years. She struggled to walk up or down stairs or drive a car. Her primary care clinician referred her to Affinity Medical Group Orthopedics and Sports Medicine orthopedic surgeon, Joseph P. McCormick, MD. Janice was too young to be a candidate for knee replacement surgery so Dr. McCormick suggested, and performed, kneecap replacement surgery (patellofemoral arthroplasty).

It wasn’t long after the recovery process before Janice entered a 5K run/walk event and used walking sticks to aid her during the 3.1 mile trek. As she gained more confidence in the knee, the walking sticks found a new home in the closet. Now, she’s added bicycling to her repertoire and enters 100 mile events with her husband who successfully conquered Leukemia.

She may not be the first to cross the finish line, but thanks to Dr. McCormick’s expertise, Janice has the opportunity to be the last one standing, comfortably and pain free.

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